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Interface BasicBlockVisitor  view BasicBlockVisitor download

All Known Implementing Classes:
BasicBlockVisitor.EmptyVisitor, Dominators, QuadVisitor.AllQuadVisitor

public interface BasicBlockVisitor

Interface for the basic block visitor design pattern. Make your visitor object implement this class in order to visit

$Id:,v 1.8 2003/05/12 10:05:14 joewhaley Exp $

Nested Class Summary
static class BasicBlockVisitor.AllBasicBlockVisitor
          Control flow graph visitor that visits all basic blocks in the CFG with a given basic block visitor.
static class BasicBlockVisitor.EmptyVisitor
          Empty basic block visitor for easy subclassing.
Method Summary
 void visitBasicBlock(BasicBlock bb)
          Visit a basic block.

Method Detail


public void visitBasicBlock(BasicBlock bb)
Visit a basic block.