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Package EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent

Interface Summary
BoundedChannel A channel that is known to have a capacity, signifying that put operations may block when the capacity is reached.
Channel Main interface for buffers, queues, pipes, conduits, etc.
Executor Interface for objects that execute Runnables, as well as various objects that can be wrapped as Runnables.
PooledExecutor.BlockedExecutionHandler Class for actions to take when execute() blocks.
Puttable This interface exists to enable stricter type checking for channels.
Takable This interface exists to enable stricter type checking for channels.
ThreadFactory Interface describing any class that can generate new Thread objects.

Class Summary
BoundedBuffer Efficient array-based bounded buffer class.
DefaultChannelCapacity A utility class to set the default capacity of BoundedChannel implementations that otherwise require a capacity argument
LinkedNode A standard linked list node used in various queue classes
LinkedQueue A linked list based channel implementation.
PooledExecutor A tunable, extensible thread pool class.
SynchronizedInt A class useful for offloading synch for int instance variables.
SynchronizedVariable Base class for simple, small classes maintaining single values that are always accessed and updated under synchronization.
SynchronousChannel A rendezvous channel, similar to those used in CSP and Ada.
SynchronousChannel.Queue Simple FIFO queue class to hold waiting puts/takes.
ThreadFactoryUser Base class for Executors and related classes that rely on thread factories.

Exception Summary