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CharSet   An object representing a set of characters.  code | html
CharSet.Enumeration   An Enumeration that can be used to extract the character ranges from a CharSet one at a time  code | html
CharacterCategory   This is a tool to generate categoryNames and categoryMap which are used in CharSet.java.  code | html
DictionaryBasedBreakIteratorBuilder   The Builder class for DictionaryBasedBreakIterator inherits almost all of its functionality from RuleBasedBreakIteratorBuilder, but extends it with extra logic to handle the "" token.  code | html
GenerateBreakIteratorData   Generates datafile for BreakIterator.  code | html
RuleBasedBreakIteratorBuilder   This class has the job of constructing a RuleBasedBreakIterator from a textual description.  code | html
SupplementaryCharacterData     code | html