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Package com.hp.hpl.jena.graph.impl

Interface Summary
GraphWithPerform GraphWithPerform is an implementation interface that extends Graph with the performAdd and performDelete methods used by GraphBase to invoke non-notifying versions of add and delete.
ReifierFragmentHandler ReifierFragmentHandler: instances of this class handle fragments of reifications, ie the triples (tag rdf:subject/predicate/object X) and (tag rdf:type Statement).
ReifierFragmentsMap ReifierFragmentsMap: how a SimpleReifier manages its incomplete reifications.
ReifierTripleMap ReifierTripleMap - an interface that describes how SimpleReifier manages complete reified statements.
TripleStore TripleStore - interface for bulk storage of triples used in composed graphs.

Class Summary
AllCapabilities A default implementation of capabilities, in which everything is allowed, size is accurate, and graphs may be completely empty.
BaseGraphMaker This base class provides convenience functions for the three "usual" graph makers and a place to hold the reification style for the graphs it constructs.
FileGraph A FileGraph is a memory-based graph that is optionally read in from a file when it is created, and is written back when it is closed.
FileGraphMaker A FileGraph factory, making FileGraphs based round some supplied directory.
FileGraphTransactionHandler A TransactionHandler for FileGraphs.
FragmentTripleIterator Iterator which delivers all the triples from a Fragment's map.
GraphAddList A List that implements the GraphAdd interface, so that it can be passed to things that want to add triples to Graphs.
GraphBase GraphBase is an implementation of Graph that provides some convenient base functionality for Graph implementations.
GraphMatcher An implemantation of graph isomorphism for Graph equality.
LiteralLabel Represents the "contents" of a Node_Literal.
SimpleBulkUpdateHandler A simple-minded implementation of the bulk update interface.
SimpleEventManager Simple implementation of GraphEventManager for GraphBase to use.
SimpleReifierFragmentsMap SimpleReifierFragmentsMap - a map from nodes to the incompleteb(or overcomplete) reification quadlets.
SimpleReifierTripleMap SimpleReifierTripleMap - a map storing complete node -> triple maps.
WrappedBulkUpdateHandler WrappedBulkUpdateHandler - a base class for wrapped bulk update handlers (needed so WrappedGraph works properly with events).
WrappedGraph A wrapper class which simply defers all operations to its base.
WrappedReifier WrappedReifier: a class that wraps a reifier [needed by WrappedGraph].