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BufferManagerRead     code | html
MarkAndResetHandler   Defines an abstraction for a RestorableInputStream to implement mark/reset.  code | html
MarshalInputStream     code | html
MarshalOutputStream     code | html
RestorableInputStream   Defines the methods on an input stream which provide a way to get and restore its internal state without violating encapsulation.  code | html
TypeCodeReader     code | html

Abstract Classes:

BufferManagerWrite   Defines the contract between the BufferManager and CDR stream on the writing side.  code | html
CDRInputStream   This is delegates to the real implementation.  code | html
CDRInputStreamBase   Describes CDRInputStream delegates and provides some implementation.  code | html
CDROutputStream   This is delegates to the real implementation.  code | html
CDROutputStreamBase   Describes CDROutputStream delegates and provides some implementation.  code | html
CodeSetConversion.BTCConverter   Abstraction for byte to char conversion.  code | html
CodeSetConversion.CTBConverter   Abstraction for char to byte conversion.  code | html


BufferManagerFactory   Creates read/write buffer managers to handle over/under flow in CDR*putStream.  code | html
BufferManagerReadGrow     code | html
BufferManagerReadStream     code | html
BufferManagerWriteCollect   Collect buffer manager.  code | html
BufferManagerWriteCollect.BufferManagerWriteCollectIterator     code | html
BufferManagerWriteGrow     code | html
BufferManagerWriteStream   Streaming buffer manager.  code | html
BufferQueue   Simple unsynchronized queue implementation for ByteBufferWithInfos.  code | html
ByteBufferWithInfo     code | html
CDRInputObject     code | html
CDRInputStream.InputStreamFactory     code | html
CDRInputStream_1_0     code | html
CDRInputStream_1_0.StreamMemento     code | html
CDRInputStream_1_1     code | html
CDRInputStream_1_1.FragmentableStreamMemento     code | html
CDRInputStream_1_2     code | html
CDROutputObject     code | html
CDROutputStream.OutputStreamFactory     code | html
CDROutputStream_1_0     code | html
CDROutputStream_1_1     code | html
CDROutputStream_1_2     code | html
CachedCodeBase   Provides the reading side with a per connection cache of info obtained via calls to the remote CodeBase.  code | html
CodeSetCache   Thread local cache of sun.io code set converters for performance.  code | html
CodeSetComponentInfo     code | html
CodeSetComponentInfo.CodeSetComponent   CodeSetComponent is part of an IOR multi-component profile.  code | html
CodeSetComponentInfo.CodeSetContext   CodeSetContext goes in a GIOP service context  code | html
CodeSetConversion   Collection of classes, interfaces, and factory methods for CORBA code set conversion.  code | html
CodeSetConversion.CodeSetConversionHolder     code | html
CodeSetConversion.JavaBTCConverter   Implementation of BTCConverter which uses a sun.io.ByteToCharConverter for the real work.  code | html
CodeSetConversion.JavaCTBConverter   Implementation of CTBConverter which uses a nio.Charset.CharsetEncoder to do the real work.  code | html
CodeSetConversion.UTF16BTCConverter   Special converter for UTF16 since it's required to optionally support a byte order marker while the internal Java converters either require it or require that it isn't there.  code | html
CodeSetConversion.UTF16CTBConverter   Special UTF16 converter which can either always write a BOM or use a specified byte order without one.  code | html
EncapsInputStream   Encapsulations are supposed to explicitly define their code sets and GIOP version.  code | html
EncapsOutputStream   Encapsulations are supposed to explicitly define their code sets and GIOP version.  code | html
IDLJavaSerializationInputStream   Implementation class that uses Java serialization for input streams.  code | html
IDLJavaSerializationInputStream.MarshalObjectInputStream     code | html
IDLJavaSerializationInputStream._ByteArrayInputStream     code | html
IDLJavaSerializationOutputStream   Implementation class that uses Java serialization for output streams.  code | html
IDLJavaSerializationOutputStream.MarshalObjectOutputStream     code | html
IDLJavaSerializationOutputStream._ByteArrayOutputStream     code | html
OSFCodeSetRegistry   Information from the OSF code set registry version 1.2g.  code | html
OSFCodeSetRegistry.Entry   An entry in the OSF registry which allows users to find out the equivalent Java character encoding name as well as some other facts from the registry.  code | html
TypeCodeInputStream     code | html
TypeCodeOutputStream     code | html
WrapperInputStream     code | html