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Abstract Classes:

InputStreamHook     code | html
OutputStreamHook     code | html


FVDCodeBaseImpl   This class acts as the remote interface to receivers wishing to retrieve the information of a remote Class.  code | html
IIOPInputStream   IIOPInputStream is used by the ValueHandlerImpl to handle Java serialization input semantics.  code | html
IIOPInputStream.ActiveRecursionManager   This class maintains a map of stream position to an Object currently being deserialized.  code | html
IIOPOutputStream   IIOPOutputStream is ...  code | html
InputStreamHook.DefaultState     code | html
InputStreamHook.HookGetFields     code | html
InputStreamHook.InReadObjectDefaultsSentState     code | html
InputStreamHook.InReadObjectNoMoreOptionalDataState     code | html
InputStreamHook.InReadObjectOptionalDataState     code | html
InputStreamHook.InReadObjectPastDefaultsRemoteDidNotUseWOState     code | html
InputStreamHook.InReadObjectRemoteDidNotUseWriteObjectState     code | html
InputStreamHook.NoReadObjectDefaultsSentState     code | html
InputStreamHook.ReadObjectState     code | html
ObjectStreamClass   A ObjectStreamClass describes a class that can be serialized to a stream or a class that was serialized to a stream.  code | html
ObjectStreamClass.CompareClassByName     code | html
ObjectStreamClass.CompareMemberByName     code | html
ObjectStreamClass.CompareObjStrFieldsByName     code | html
ObjectStreamClass.MethodSignature     code | html
ObjectStreamClass.ObjectStreamClassEntry     code | html
ObjectStreamClassCorbaExt     code | html
ObjectStreamField   A description of a field in a serializable class.  code | html
OptionalDataException   Unexpected data appeared in an ObjectInputStream trying to read an Object.  code | html
OutputStreamHook.DefaultState     code | html
OutputStreamHook.HookPutFields   Since ObjectOutputStream.PutField methods specify no exceptions, we are not checking for null parameters on put methods.  code | html
OutputStreamHook.InWriteObjectState     code | html
OutputStreamHook.WriteObjectState     code | html
OutputStreamHook.WroteCustomDataState     code | html
OutputStreamHook.WroteDefaultDataState     code | html
TypeMismatchException     code | html
ValueHandlerImpl     code | html
ValueUtility   Holds utility methods for converting from ObjectStreamClass to FullValueDescription and generating typecodes from ObjectStreamClass.  code | html
ValueUtility.IdentityKeyValueStack     code | html
ValueUtility.IdentityKeyValueStack.KeyValuePair     code | html