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NamingContextDataStore   This interface defines a set of methods that must be implemented by the "data store" associated with a NamingContext implementation.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BindingIteratorImpl   Class BindingIteratorImpl implements the org.omg.CosNaming::BindingIterator interface, but does not implement the method to retrieve the next binding in the NamingContext for which it was created.  code | html
NamingContextImpl   Class NamingContextImpl implements the org.omg.CosNaming::NamingContext interface, but does not implement the methods associated with maintaining the "table" of current bindings in a NamingContext.  code | html


InterOperableNamingImpl   Class InteroperableNamingImpl implements the methods defined for NamingContextExt which is part of Interoperable Naming Service specifications.  code | html
InternalBindingKey   Class InternalBindingKey implements the necessary wrapper code around the org.omg.CosNaming::NameComponent class to implement the proper equals() method and the hashCode() method for use in a hash table.  code | html
InternalBindingValue   Class InternalBindingKey acts as a container for two objects, namely a org.omg.CosNaming::Binding and an CORBA object reference, which are the two components associated with the binding.  code | html
NamingUtils     code | html
TransientBindingIterator   Class TransientBindingIterator implements the abstract methods defined by BindingIteratorImpl, to use with the TransientNamingContext implementation of the NamingContextImpl.  code | html
TransientNameServer   Class TransientNameServer is a standalone application which implements a transient name service.  code | html
TransientNameService   Class TransientNameService implements a transient name service using TransientNamingContexts and TransientBindingIterators, which implement the org.omg.CosNaming::NamingContext and org.omg.CosNaming::BindingIterator interfaces specfied by the OMG Common Object Services Specification.  code | html
TransientNamingContext   Class TransientNamingContext implements the methods defined by NamingContextDataStore, and extends the NamingContextImpl class to provide a servant implementation of CosNaming::NamingContext.  code | html