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CounterDB     code | html
InternalBindingKey   Class InternalBindingKey implements the necessary wrapper code around the org.omg.CosNaming::NameComponent class to implement the proper equals() method and the hashCode() method for use in a hash table.  code | html
InternalBindingValue   Class InternalBindingKey acts as a container for two objects, namely a org.omg.CosNaming::Binding and an CORBA object reference, which are the two components associated with the binding.  code | html
NameServer   Class NameServer is a standalone application which implements a persistent and a transient name service.  code | html
NameService     code | html
NamingContextImpl   Class NamingContextImpl implements the org.omg.CosNaming::NamingContext and NamingContextExt interface.  code | html
PersistentBindingIterator   Class TransientBindingIterator implements the abstract methods defined by BindingIteratorImpl, to use with the TransientNamingContext implementation of the NamingContextImpl.  code | html
ServantManagerImpl     code | html