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SUNVMCID   The vendor minor code ID reserved for Sun by the OMG.  code | html


IdentityHashtable     code | html
IdentityHashtableEntry   IdentityHashtable collision list.  code | html
IdentityHashtableEnumerator   A hashtable enumerator class.  code | html
JDKBridge   Utility methods for doing various method calls which are used by multiple classes  code | html
JDKClassLoader   Utility method for crawling call stack to load class  code | html
JDKClassLoader.JDKClassLoaderCache   Private cache implementation specific to JDKClassLoader.  code | html
JDKClassLoader.JDKClassLoaderCache.CacheKey     code | html
ORBProperties     code | html
PackagePrefixChecker   PackagePrefixChecker provides static utility methods for getting package prefixes.  code | html
RepositoryId     code | html
RepositoryIdCache     code | html
RepositoryIdPool     code | html
StubEntry     code | html
Utility   Handy class full of static functions.  code | html
Version     code | html