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Sub Packages:



IOR   An IOR is represented as a list of profiles.  code | html
IORFactory   An IORFactory provides the capability of creating IORs.  code | html
IORTemplate   An IORTemplate provides all of the data necessary to create an IOR except for the typeId and ObjectId.  code | html
IORTemplateList   An IORTemplateList is a list of IORTemplate instances.  code | html
Identifiable   This interface represents an entity that can be written to an OutputStream and has an identity that is represented by an integer.  code | html
IdentifiableFactory   Factory interface for creating Identifiables.  code | html
IdentifiableFactoryFinder   Interface used to manage a group of related IdentifiableFactory instances.  code | html
MakeImmutable     code | html
ObjectAdapterId   This is the object adapter ID for an object adapter.  code | html
ObjectId     code | html
ObjectKey   The full object key, which is contained in an IIOPProfile.  code | html
ObjectKeyFactory   Construct ObjectKey and ObjectKeyTemplate instances from their CDR-marshalled representation.  code | html
ObjectKeyTemplate   An ObjectKeyTemplate represents the part of an Object Key that corresponds to the object adapter used to create an object reference.  code | html
TaggedComponent   Generic interface for all tagged components.  code | html
TaggedComponentFactoryFinder     code | html
TaggedProfile   TaggedProfile represents a tagged profile in an IOR.  code | html
TaggedProfileTemplate   Base template for creating TaggedProfiles.  code | html
WriteContents     code | html
Writeable   This interface represents an entity that can be written to an OutputStream.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

EncapsulationFactoryBase     code | html
IdentifiableBase   Provide support for properly reading and writing Identifiable objects that are also encapsulations (tagged profiles and components).  code | html
TaggedComponentBase   Base class to use for implementing TaggedComponents.  code | html
TaggedProfileTemplateBase     code | html


IORFactories   This class provides a number of factory methods for creating various IOR SPI classes which are not subclassed for specific protocols.  code | html
IdentifiableContainerBase   Convenience class for defining objects that contain lists of Identifiables.  code | html