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CodingMethod   Interface for encoding and decoding int arrays using bytewise codes.  code | html
Histogram.BitMetric     code | html

Abstract Classes:

Attribute.Holder   Base class for any attributed object (Class, Field, Method, Code).  code | html
Attribute.ValueStream     code | html
BandStructure   Define the structure and ordering of "bands" in a packed file.  code | html
BandStructure.Band   The packed file is divided up into a number of segments.  code | html
ConstantPool   Representation of constant pool entries and indexes.  code | html
ConstantPool.Entry   Entries in the constant pool.  code | html
ConstantPool.LiteralEntry     code | html
Instruction.Switch     code | html
Package.Class.Member     code | html


AdaptiveCoding   Adaptive coding.  code | html
Attribute   Represents an attribute in a class-file.  code | html
Attribute.FormatException     code | html
Attribute.Layout   A "class" of attributes, characterized by a context-type, name and format.  code | html
Attribute.Layout.Element     code | html
BandStructure.ByteBand     code | html
BandStructure.ByteCounter   An output stream which counts the number of bytes written.  code | html
BandStructure.CPRefBand     code | html
BandStructure.IntBand     code | html
BandStructure.MultiBand     code | html
BandStructure.ValueBand     code | html
ClassReader   Reader for a class file that is being incorporated into a package.  code | html
ClassReader.ClassFormatException     code | html
ClassWriter   Writer for a class file that is incorporated into a package.  code | html
Code   Represents a chunk of bytecodes.  code | html
Coding   Define the conversions between sequences of small integers and raw bytes.  code | html
CodingChooser   Heuristic chooser of basic encodings.  code | html
CodingChooser.Choice     code | html
CodingChooser.Sizer     code | html
ConstantPool.ClassEntry     code | html
ConstantPool.DescriptorEntry     code | html
ConstantPool.Index   An Index is a mapping between CP entries and small integers.  code | html
ConstantPool.IndexGroup   Coherent group of constant pool indexes.  code | html
ConstantPool.MemberEntry     code | html
ConstantPool.NumberEntry     code | html
ConstantPool.SignatureEntry     code | html
ConstantPool.StringEntry     code | html
ConstantPool.Utf8Entry     code | html
Constants   Shared constants  code | html
Driver   Command line interface for Pack200.  code | html
DriverResource     code | html
FixedList     code | html
Fixups   Collection of relocatable constant pool references.  code | html
Fixups.Fixup   Simple and necessary tuple to present each fixup.  code | html
Fixups.Itr     code | html
Histogram   Histogram derived from an integer array of events (int[]).  code | html
Instruction   A parsed bytecode instruction.  code | html
Instruction.FormatException     code | html
Instruction.LookupSwitch     code | html
Instruction.TableSwitch     code | html
NativeUnpack     code | html
Package   Define the main data structure transmitted by pack/unpack.  code | html
Package.Class     code | html
Package.Class.Field     code | html
Package.Class.Method     code | html
Package.File     code | html
Package.InnerClass     code | html
PackageReader   Reader for a package file.  code | html
PackageReader.LimitedBuffer   A buffered input stream which is careful not to read its underlying stream ahead of a given mark, called the 'readLimit'.  code | html
PackageWriter   Writer for a package file.  code | html
PackerImpl     code | html
PackerImpl.DoPack     code | html
PackerImpl.DoPack.InFile     code | html
PopulationCoding   Population-based coding.  code | html
PropMap   Control block for publishing Pack200 options to the other classes.  code | html
TLGlobals     code | html
UnpackerImpl     code | html
UnpackerImpl.DoUnpack     code | html
Utils     code | html
Utils.NonCloser     code | html
Utils.Pack200Logger     code | html