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DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor.ResourceContext   A RegistrationContext that makes it possible to perform additional post registration actions (or post unregistration actions) outside of the repository lock, once postRegister (or postDeregister) has been called.  code | html

This interface specifies the behavior to be implemented by an MBean Server Interceptor. 

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Abstract Classes:

DispatchInterceptor   A dispatcher that dispatches to MBeanServers.  code | html
DispatchInterceptor.QueryInvoker   This is an abstraction which allows us to handle queryNames and queryMBeans with the same algorithm.  code | html
MBeanServerInterceptorSupport   An abstract class for MBeanServerInterceptorSupport.  code | html


DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor   This is the default class for MBean manipulation on the agent side.  code | html
DefaultMBeanServerInterceptor.ListenerWrapper     code | html
DispatchInterceptor.QueryInterceptor   We use this class to intercept queries.  code | html
DomainDispatchInterceptor   A dispatcher that dispatch incoming MBeanServer requests to DomainInterceptors.  code | html
DomainDispatchInterceptor.AggregatingQueryInterceptor   A QueryInterceptor that perform & aggregates queries spanning several domains.  code | html
NamespaceDispatchInterceptor   A dispatcher that dispatches to NamespaceInterceptors.  code | html

An MBeanServerForwarder that simulates the existence of a given MBean. 

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