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CommunicatorServerMBean   Defines generic behaviour for the server part of a connector or an adaptor.  code | html
SnmpAdaptorServerMBean   Exposes the remote management interface of the SnmpAdaptorServer MBean.  code | html
SnmpInformHandler   Provides the callback methods that are required to be implemented by the application when an inform response is received by the agent.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ClientHandler   The ClientHandler class is the base class of each adaptor.


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CommunicatorServer   Defines generic behavior for the server part of a connector or an adaptor.  code | html


CommunicationException   Represents exceptions raised due to communications problems, for example when a managed object server is out of reach.

This API is a Sun Microsystems internal API and is subject to change without notice.

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SnmpAdaptorServer   Implements an adaptor on top of the SNMP protocol.  code | html
SnmpMibTree   The class is used for building a tree representation of the different root oids of the supported MIBs.  code | html
SnmpMibTree.TreeNode     code | html
SnmpRequestHandler     code | html
SnmpSubBulkRequestHandler     code | html
SnmpSubNextRequestHandler     code | html
SnmpSubRequestHandler     code | html
SnmpSubRequestHandler.NonSyncVector     code | html