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CNBindingEnumeration   Implements the JNDI NamingEnumeration interface for COS Naming.  code | html
CNCtx   Provides a bridge to the CosNaming server provided by JavaIDL.  code | html
CNCtxFactory   Implements the JNDI SPI InitialContextFactory interface used to create the InitialContext objects.  code | html
CNNameParser   Parsing routines for NameParser as well as COS Naming stringified names.  code | html
CNNameParser.CNCompoundName   An implementation of CompoundName that bypasses the parsing and stringifying code of the default CompoundName.  code | html
CorbanameUrl   Extract components of a "corbaname" URL.  code | html
ExceptionMapper   A convenience class to map the COS Naming exceptions to the JNDI exceptions.  code | html
IiopUrl   Extract components of an "iiop" or "iiopname" URL.  code | html
IiopUrl.Address     code | html
OrbReuseTracker   This class keeps track of references to the shared ORB object and destroys it when no more references are made to the ORB object.  code | html
RemoteToCorba   StateFactory that turns java.rmi.Remote objects to org.omg.CORBA.Object.  code | html