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Sub Packages:



ReferralEnumeration     code | html

Abstract Classes:

Ber   Base class that defines common fields, constants, and debug method.  code | html
VersionHelper     code | html


BasicControl   This class provides a basic implementation of the Control interface.  code | html
Ber.DecodeException     code | html
Ber.EncodeException     code | html
BerDecoder   A BER decoder. Contains methods to parse a BER buffer.  code | html
BerEncoder   A BER encoder.  code | html
BindingWithControls     code | html
ClientId   Represents identity information about an anonymous LDAP connection.  code | html
Connection   A thread that creates a connection to an LDAP server.  code | html
DefaultResponseControlFactory   This class represents a factory for creating LDAPv3 response controls.  code | html
DigestClientId   Extends SimpleClientId to add property values specific for Digest-MD5.  code | html
EntryChangeResponseControl   This class implements the LDAPv3 Response Control for entry-change notification as defined in draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-02.txt code | html
EventQueue   Package private class used by EventSupport to dispatch events.  code | html
EventQueue.QueueElement     code | html
EventSupport   This is a utility class that can be used by a context that supports event notification.  code | html
Filter   LDAP (RFC-1960) and LDAPv3 (RFC-2254) search filters.  code | html
LdapAttribute   This subclass is used by LDAP to implement the schema calls.  code | html
LdapBindingEnumeration     code | html
LdapClient   LDAP (RFC-1777) and LDAPv3 (RFC-2251) compliant client This class represents a connection to an LDAP client.  code | html
LdapClientFactory   Creates an LdapClient.  code | html
LdapCtx   The LDAP context implementation.  code | html
LdapCtx.SearchArgs     code | html
LdapCtxFactory     code | html
LdapEntry   A holder for an LDAP entry read from an LDAP server.  code | html
LdapName   LdapName implements compound names for LDAP v3 as specified by RFC 2253.  code | html
LdapName.DnParser     code | html
LdapName.Rdn     code | html
LdapName.TypeAndValue     code | html
LdapNameParser     code | html
LdapNamingEnumeration   Basic enumeration for NameClassPair, Binding, and SearchResults.  code | html
LdapPoolManager   Contains utilities for managing connection pools of LdapClient.  code | html
LdapReferralContext   A context for handling referrals.  code | html
LdapReferralException   This exception is raised when a referral to an alternative context is encountered.  code | html
LdapRequest     code | html
LdapResult   %%% public for use by LdapSasl %%%  code | html
LdapSchemaCtx   This is the class used to implement LDAP's GetSchema call.  code | html
LdapSchemaCtx.SchemaInfo     code | html
LdapSchemaParser   Netscape's 3.1 servers have some schema bugs: - It puts quotes around OIDs (such as those for SUP, SYNTAX).  code | html
LdapSearchEnumeration     code | html
LdapURL     code | html
ManageReferralControl   This class implements the LDAPv3 Request Control for manageDsaIT as defined in draft-ietf-ldapext-namedref-00.txt code | html
NameClassPairWithControls     code | html
NamingEventNotifier   Gathers information to generate events by using the Persistent Search control.  code | html
NotifierArgs   This class holds the information in an event registration/deregistration request.  code | html
Obj   Class containing static methods and constants for dealing with encoding/decoding JNDI References and Serialized Objects in LDAP.  code | html
Obj.LoaderInputStream   An ObjectInputStream that uses a class loader to find classes.  code | html
PersistentSearchControl   This class implements the LDAPv3 Request Control for the persistent search mechanism as defined in draft-ietf-ldapext-psearch-02.txt code | html
SearchResultWithControls     code | html
ServiceLocator   This class discovers the location of LDAP services by querying DNS.  code | html
ServiceLocator.SrvRecord   This class holds a DNS service (SRV) record.  code | html
SimpleClientId   Represents the identity of a 'simple' authenticated LDAP connection.  code | html
UnsolicitedResponseImpl   A concrete implementation of an UnsolicitedNotification.  code | html
VersionHelper12     code | html