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Sub Packages:

com.sun.org.apache.xml.internal.security.utils.resolver   the ResourceResolver classes used to resolve ds:Reference URIs.  
com.sun.org.apache.xml.internal.security.utils.resolver.implementations   implememtations of different ResourceResolver classes used to resolve ds:Reference URIs.  


ElementChecker     code | html

Abstract Classes:

ElementCheckerImpl     code | html
ElementProxy   This is the base class to all Objects which have a direct 1:1 mapping to an Element in a particular namespace.  code | html
EncryptionElementProxy   This is the base object for all objects which map directly to an Element from the xenc spec.  code | html
SignatureElementProxy   Class SignatureElementProxy  code | html


Base64   Implementation of MIME's Base64 encoding and decoding conversions.  code | html
CachedXPathAPIHolder     code | html
CachedXPathFuncHereAPI     code | html
Constants   Provides all constants and some translation functions for i18n.  code | html
DigesterOutputStream     code | html
ElementCheckerImpl.EmptyChecker   An empty checker if schema checking is used  code | html
ElementCheckerImpl.FullChecker   A checker for DOM that interns NS  code | html
ElementCheckerImpl.InternedNsChecker   A checker for DOM that interns NS  code | html
EncryptionConstants     code | html
HelperNodeList     code | html
I18n   The Internationalization (I18N) pack.  code | html
IdResolver   Purpose of this class is to enable the XML Parser to keep track of ID attributes.  code | html
IgnoreAllErrorHandler   This org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler does absulutely nothing but logging the events.  code | html
JavaUtils   A collection of different, general-purpose methods for JAVA-specific things  code | html
RFC2253Parser     code | html
SignerOutputStream     code | html
UnsyncBufferedOutputStream   A class that buffers writte without synchronize its methods  code | html
UnsyncByteArrayOutputStream   A simple Unsynced ByteArrayOutputStream  code | html
XMLUtils   DOM and XML accessibility and comfort functions.  code | html
XPathFuncHereAPI   This class does the same as com.sun.org.apache.xpath.internal.XPathAPI except that the XPath strings are not supplied as Strings but as Text , Attr ibute or {ProcessingInstruction} nodes which contain the XPath string.  code | html