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Attribute.Visitor   A visitor type for dynamic dispatch on the kind of attribute value.  code | html
DeferredLintHandler.LintLogger     code | html
Scope.ScopeListener     code | html
Symbol.Completer   Symbol completer interface.  code | html
Symbol.Visitor   A visitor for symbols.  code | html
Type.Visitor   A visitor for types.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Attribute   An annotation value.  code | html
Printer   A combined type/symbol visitor for generating non-trivial localized string representation of types and symbols.  code | html
Scope.CompoundScope.CompoundScopeIterator     code | html
Symbol   Root class for Java symbols.  code | html
Type.DelegatedType     code | html
Type.Mapping   An abstract class for mappings from types to types  code | html
Types.DefaultSymbolVisitor   A default visitor for symbols.  code | html
Types.DefaultTypeVisitor   A default visitor for types.  code | html
Types.SimpleVisitor   A simple visitor for types.  code | html
Types.TypeRelation   A plain relation on types.  code | html
Types.UnaryVisitor   A convenience visitor for implementing operations that only require one argument (the type itself), that is, unary operations.  code | html


Attribute.RetentionPolicy   A mirror of java.lang.annotation.RetentionPolicy.  code | html

This is NOT part of any supported API. 

code | html
Flags.Flag     code | html
Kinds.KindName     code | html
Lint.LintCategory   Categories of warnings that can be generated by the compiler.  code | html
TargetType   Describes the type of program element an extended annotation (or extended compound attribute) targets.  code | html
TargetType.TargetAttribute     code | html
Type.ForAll.ConstraintKind   Kind of type-constraint derived during type inference  code | html
Attribute.Array   The value for an annotation element of an array type.  code | html
Attribute.Class   The value for an annotation element of type java.lang.Class, represented as a ClassSymbol.  code | html
Attribute.Compound   A compound annotation element value, the type of which is an attribute interface.  code | html
Attribute.Constant   The value for an annotation element of primitive type or String.  code | html
Attribute.Enum   The value for an annotation element of an enum type.  code | html
Attribute.Error     code | html

This is NOT part of any supported API. 

code | html
Flags   Access flags and other modifiers for Java classes and members.  code | html
Kinds   Internal symbol kinds, which distinguish between elements of different subclasses of Symbol.  code | html
Lint   A class for handling -Xlint suboptions and @SuppresssWarnings.  code | html
Lint.AugmentVisitor     code | html
Scope   A scope represents an area of visibility in a Java program.  code | html
Scope.CompoundScope   A class scope adds capabilities to keep track of changes in related class scopes - this allows client to realize whether a class scope has changed, either directly (because a new member has been added/removed to this scope) or indirectly (i.e.  code | html
Scope.DelegatedScope   An empty scope, into which you can't place anything.  code | html
Scope.Entry   A class for scope entries.  code | html
Scope.ErrorScope   An error scope, for which the owner should be an error symbol.  code | html
Scope.ImportScope     code | html
Scope.ImportScope.ImportEntry     code | html
Scope.StarImportScope     code | html
Symbol.ClassSymbol   A class for class symbols  code | html
Symbol.CompletionFailure     code | html
Symbol.DelegatedSymbol     code | html
Symbol.MethodSymbol   A class for method symbols.  code | html
Symbol.OperatorSymbol   A class for predefined operators.  code | html
Symbol.PackageSymbol   A class for package symbols  code | html
Symbol.TypeSymbol   A class for type symbols.  code | html
Symbol.VarSymbol   A class for variable symbols  code | html
Symtab   A class that defines all predefined constants and operators as well as special classes such as java.lang.Object, which need to be known to the compiler.  code | html
Type   This class represents Java types.  code | html
Type.ArrayType     code | html
Type.BottomType     code | html
Type.CapturedType   A captured type variable comes from wildcards which can have both upper and lower bound.  code | html
Type.ClassType     code | html
Type.ErasedClassType     code | html
Type.ErrorType     code | html
Type.ForAll     code | html
Type.JCNoType   Represents VOID or NONE.  code | html
Type.MethodType     code | html
Type.PackageType     code | html
Type.TypeVar     code | html
Type.UndetVar   A class for instantiatable variables, for use during type inference.  code | html
Type.UnionClassType     code | html
Type.WildcardType     code | html
TypeAnnotationPosition   A type annotation position.  code | html
TypeTags   An interface for type tag values, which distinguish between different sorts of types.  code | html
Types   Utility class containing various operations on types.  code | html
Types.AdaptFailure     code | html
Types.Adapter     code | html
Types.HasSameArgs     code | html
Types.ImplementationCache     code | html
Types.ImplementationCache.Entry     code | html
Types.MapVisitor   A visitor for implementing a mapping from types to types.  code | html
Types.MembersClosureCache     code | html
Types.MembersClosureCache.Entry     code | html
Types.Rewriter     code | html
Types.SingletonType   A wrapper for a type that allows use in sets.  code | html
Types.Subst     code | html
Types.TypePair     code | html