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JCTree.Factory   An interface for tree factories  code | html

Abstract Classes:

JCTree   Root class for abstract syntax tree nodes.  code | html
JCTree.JCExpression     code | html
JCTree.JCStatement     code | html
JCTree.Visitor   A generic visitor class for trees.  code | html


JCTree.JCAnnotation     code | html
JCTree.JCArrayAccess   An array selection  code | html
JCTree.JCArrayTypeTree   An array type, A[]  code | html
JCTree.JCAssert   An assert statement.  code | html
JCTree.JCAssign   A assignment with "=".  code | html
JCTree.JCAssignOp   An assignment with "+=", "|=" ...  code | html
JCTree.JCBinary   A binary operation.  code | html
JCTree.JCBlock   A statement block.  code | html
JCTree.JCBreak   A break from a loop or switch.  code | html
JCTree.JCCase   A "case :" of a switch.  code | html
JCTree.JCCatch   A catch block.  code | html
JCTree.JCClassDecl   A class definition.  code | html
JCTree.JCCompilationUnit   Everything in one source file is kept in a TopLevel structure.  code | html
JCTree.JCConditional   A ( ) ? ( ) : ( ) conditional expression  code | html
JCTree.JCContinue   A continue of a loop.  code | html
JCTree.JCDoWhileLoop   A do loop  code | html
JCTree.JCEnhancedForLoop   The enhanced for loop.  code | html
JCTree.JCErroneous     code | html
JCTree.JCExpressionStatement   an expression statement  code | html
JCTree.JCFieldAccess   Selects through packages and classes  code | html
JCTree.JCForLoop   A for loop.  code | html
JCTree.JCIdent   An identifier  code | html
JCTree.JCIf   An "if ( ) { } else { }" block  code | html
JCTree.JCImport   An import clause.  code | html
JCTree.JCInstanceOf   A type test.  code | html
JCTree.JCLabeledStatement   A labelled expression or statement.  code | html
JCTree.JCLiteral   A constant value given literally.  code | html
JCTree.JCMethodDecl   A method definition.  code | html
JCTree.JCMethodInvocation   A method invocation  code | html
JCTree.JCModifiers     code | html
JCTree.JCNewArray   A new[...] operation.  code | html
JCTree.JCNewClass   A new(...) operation.  code | html
JCTree.JCParens   A parenthesized subexpression ( ... )  code | html
JCTree.JCPrimitiveTypeTree   Identifies a basic type.  code | html
JCTree.JCReturn   A return statement.  code | html
JCTree.JCSkip   A no-op statement ";".  code | html
JCTree.JCSwitch   A "switch ( ) { }" construction.  code | html
JCTree.JCSynchronized   A synchronized block.  code | html
JCTree.JCThrow   A throw statement.  code | html
JCTree.JCTry   A "try { } catch ( ) { } finally { }" block.  code | html
JCTree.JCTypeApply   A parameterized type, T<...>  code | html
JCTree.JCTypeCast   A type cast.  code | html
JCTree.JCTypeParameter   A formal class parameter.  code | html
JCTree.JCTypeUnion   A union type, T1 | T2 | ... Tn (used in multicatch statements)  code | html
JCTree.JCUnary   A unary operation.  code | html
JCTree.JCVariableDecl   A variable definition.  code | html
JCTree.JCWhileLoop   A while loop  code | html
JCTree.JCWildcard     code | html
JCTree.LetExpr   (let int x = 3; in x+2)  code | html
JCTree.TypeBoundKind     code | html
Pretty   Prints out a tree as an indented Java source program.  code | html
Pretty.UncheckedIOException   Exception to propogate IOException through visitXXX methods  code | html
TreeCopier   Creates a copy of a tree, using a given TreeMaker.  code | html
TreeInfo   Utility class containing inspector methods for trees.  code | html
TreeMaker   Factory class for trees.  code | html
TreeMaker.AnnotationBuilder     code | html
TreeScanner   A subclass of Tree.Visitor, this class defines a general tree scanner pattern.  code | html
TreeTranslator   A subclass of Tree.Visitor, this class defines a general tree translator pattern.  code | html