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public interface: ParserWrapper [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:

Encapsulates a DOM parser.
Nested Class Summary:
public interface  ParserWrapper.DocumentInfo  This interface is here to query information about the document implementation returned by the ParserWrapper#parse method. 
Method from dom.ParserWrapper Summary:
getDocumentInfo,   parse,   setFeature
Method from dom.ParserWrapper Detail:
 public ParserWrapper.DocumentInfo getDocumentInfo()
    Returns the document information.
 public Document parse(String uri) throws Exception
    Parses the specified URI and returns the document.
 public  void setFeature(String featureId,
    boolean state) throws SAXNotSupportedException, SAXNotRecognizedException
    Set the state of a feature. Set the state of any feature in a SAX2 parser. The parser might not recognize the feature, and if it does recognize it, it might not be able to fulfill the request.