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public interface: Transparency [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    Paint, ColorModel, GradientPaint, DerivedColor, VolatileImage, PackedColorModel, ComponentColorModel, RadialGradientPaint, ColorUIResource, LinearGradientPaint, IndexColorModel, Color, TexturePaint, BufferedImage, MultipleGradientPaint, DirectColorModel, UIResource, SystemColor

The Transparency interface defines the common transparency modes for implementing classes.
Field Summary
public static final  int OPAQUE    Represents image data that is guaranteed to be completely opaque, meaning that all pixels have an alpha value of 1.0. 
public static final  int BITMASK    Represents image data that is guaranteed to be either completely opaque, with an alpha value of 1.0, or completely transparent, with an alpha value of 0.0. 
public static final  int TRANSLUCENT    Represents image data that contains or might contain arbitrary alpha values between and including 0.0 and 1.0. 
Method from java.awt.Transparency Summary:
Method from java.awt.Transparency Detail:
 public int getTransparency()
    Returns the type of this Transparency.