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ClipboardOwner   Defines the interface for classes that will provide data to a clipboard.  code | html
FlavorListener   Defines an object which listens for FlavorEvent s.  code | html
FlavorMap   A two-way Map between "natives" (Strings), which correspond to platform- specfic data formats, and "flavors" (DataFlavors), which corerspond to platform-independent MIME types.  code | html
FlavorTable   A FlavorMap which relaxes the traditional 1-to-1 restriction of a Map.  code | html
Transferable   Defines the interface for classes that can be used to provide data for a transfer operation.  code | html


Clipboard   A class that implements a mechanism to transfer data using cut/copy/paste operations.  code | html
DataFlavor   A {@code DataFlavor} provides meta information about data.  code | html
DataFlavor.TextFlavorComparator     code | html
DuplicatedPropertiesResourceBundle     code | html
FlavorEvent   FlavorEvent is used to notify interested parties that available DataFlavor s have changed in the Clipboard (the event source).  code | html
MimeType   A Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) type, as defined in RFC 2045 and 2046.  code | html
MimeTypeParameterList   An object that encapsualtes the parameter list of a MimeType as defined in RFC 2045 and 2046.  code | html
MimeTypeParseException   A class to encapsulate MimeType parsing related exceptions  code | html
MimeTypeProcessor     code | html
MimeTypeProcessor.MimeType     code | html
MimeTypeProcessor.StringPosition     code | html
StringSelection   A Transferable which implements the capability required to transfer a String code | html
SystemFlavorMap   The SystemFlavorMap is a configurable map between "natives" (Strings), which correspond to platform-specific data formats, and "flavors" (DataFlavors), which correspond to platform-independent MIME types.  code | html
UnsupportedFlavorException   Signals that the requested data is not supported in this flavor.  code | html