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public interface: ObjectOutput [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    DataOutput, AutoCloseable

All Known Implementing Classes:
    MarshalledObjectOutputStream, ObjectOutputStream

ObjectOutput extends the DataOutput interface to include writing of objects. DataOutput includes methods for output of primitive types, ObjectOutput extends that interface to include objects, arrays, and Strings.
Method from java.io.ObjectOutput Summary:
close,   flush,   write,   write,   write,   writeObject
Method from java.io.ObjectOutput Detail:
 public  void close() throws IOException
    Closes the stream. This method must be called to release any resources associated with the stream.
 public  void flush() throws IOException
    Flushes the stream. This will write any buffered output bytes.
 public  void write(int b) throws IOException
    Writes a byte. This method will block until the byte is actually written.
 public  void write(byte[] b) throws IOException
    Writes an array of bytes. This method will block until the bytes are actually written.
 public  void write(byte[] b,
    int off,
    int len) throws IOException
    Writes a sub array of bytes.
 public  void writeObject(Object obj) throws IOException
    Write an object to the underlying storage or stream. The class that implements this interface defines how the object is written.