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public interface: Member [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    MemberName, Constructor, Method, Field

Member is an interface that reflects identifying information about a single member (a field or a method) or a constructor.
Field Summary
public static final  int PUBLIC    Identifies the set of all public members of a class or interface, including inherited members.
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public static final  int DECLARED    Identifies the set of declared members of a class or interface. Inherited members are not included.
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Method from java.lang.reflect.Member Summary:
getDeclaringClass,   getModifiers,   getName,   isSynthetic
Method from java.lang.reflect.Member Detail:
 public Class<?> getDeclaringClass()
    Returns the Class object representing the class or interface that declares the member or constructor represented by this Member.
 public int getModifiers()
    Returns the Java language modifiers for the member or constructor represented by this Member, as an integer. The Modifier class should be used to decode the modifiers in the integer.
 public String getName()
    Returns the simple name of the underlying member or constructor represented by this Member.
 public boolean isSynthetic()
    Returns {@code true} if this member was introduced by the compiler; returns {@code false} otherwise.