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public final class: KeyPair [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class is a simple holder for a key pair (a public key and a private key). It does not enforce any security, and, when initialized, should be treated like a PrivateKey.
 public KeyPair(PublicKey publicKey,
    PrivateKey privateKey) 
    Constructs a key pair from the given public key and private key.

    Note that this constructor only stores references to the public and private key components in the generated key pair. This is safe, because Key objects are immutable.

    publicKey - the public key.
    privateKey - the private key.
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getPrivate,   getPublic
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Method from java.security.KeyPair Detail:
 public PrivateKey getPrivate() 
    Returns a reference to the private key component of this key pair.
 public PublicKey getPublic() 
    Returns a reference to the public key component of this key pair.