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Sub Packages:

java.text.spi   Service provider classes for the classes in the java.text package.  


AttributedCharacterIterator   An {@code AttributedCharacterIterator} allows iteration through both text and related attribute information.  code | html
CharacterIterator   This interface defines a protocol for bidirectional iteration over text.  code | html
Format.FieldDelegate   FieldDelegate is notified by the various Format implementations as they are formatting the Objects.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

BreakIterator   The BreakIterator class implements methods for finding the location of boundaries in text.  code | html
CollationKey   A CollationKey represents a String under the rules of a specific Collator object.  code | html
Collator   The Collator class performs locale-sensitive String comparison.  code | html
DateFormat   {@code DateFormat} is an abstract class for date/time formatting subclasses which formats and parses dates or time in a language-independent manner.  code | html
Format   Format is an abstract base class for formatting locale-sensitive information such as dates, messages, and numbers.  code | html
NumberFormat   NumberFormat is the abstract base class for all number formats.  code | html


Normalizer.Form   This enum provides constants of the four Unicode normalization forms that are described in Unicode Standard Annex #15 — Unicode Normalization Forms and two methods to access them.  code | html
Annotation   An Annotation object is used as a wrapper for a text attribute value if the attribute has annotation characteristics.  code | html
AttributeEntry     code | html
AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute   Defines attribute keys that are used to identify text attributes.  code | html
AttributedString   An AttributedString holds text and related attribute information.  code | html
AttributedString.AttributeMap     code | html
AttributedString.AttributedStringIterator     code | html
AttributedStringIterator   This class implements the AttributedCharacterIterator interface.  code | html
Bidi   This class implements the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm.  code | html
BreakDictionary   This is the class that represents the list of known words used by DictionaryBasedBreakIterator.  code | html
BreakIterator.BreakIteratorCache     code | html
BreakIterator.BreakIteratorGetter   Obtains a BreakIterator instance from a BreakIteratorProvider implementation.  code | html
CalendarBuilder   {@code CalendarBuilder} keeps field-value pairs for setting the calendar fields of the given {@code Calendar}.  code | html
CharacterIteratorFieldDelegate   CharacterIteratorFieldDelegate combines the notifications from a Format into a resulting AttributedCharacterIterator code | html
ChoiceFormat   A ChoiceFormat allows you to attach a format to a range of numbers.  code | html
CollationElementIterator   The CollationElementIterator class is used as an iterator to walk through each character of an international string.  code | html
CollationRules   CollationRules contains the default en_US collation rules as a base for building other collation tables.  code | html
Collator.CollatorGetter   Obtains a Collator instance from a CollatorProvider implementation.  code | html
DateFormat.DateFormatGetter   Obtains a DateFormat instance from a DateFormatProvider implementation.  code | html
DateFormat.Field   Defines constants that are used as attribute keys in the AttributedCharacterIterator returned from DateFormat.formatToCharacterIterator and as field identifiers in FieldPosition code | html
DateFormatSymbols   DateFormatSymbols is a public class for encapsulating localizable date-time formatting data, such as the names of the months, the names of the days of the week, and the time zone data.  code | html
DateFormatSymbols.DateFormatSymbolsGetter   Obtains a DateFormatSymbols instance from a DateFormatSymbolsProvider implementation.  code | html
DecimalFormat   DecimalFormat is a concrete subclass of NumberFormat that formats decimal numbers.  code | html
DecimalFormatSymbols   This class represents the set of symbols (such as the decimal separator, the grouping separator, and so on) needed by DecimalFormat to format numbers.  code | html
DecimalFormatSymbols.DecimalFormatSymbolsGetter   Obtains a DecimalFormatSymbols instance from a DecimalFormatSymbolsProvider implementation.  code | html
DictionaryBasedBreakIterator   A subclass of RuleBasedBreakIterator that adds the ability to use a dictionary to further subdivide ranges of text beyond what is possible using just the state-table-based algorithm.  code | html
DigitList   Digit List.  code | html
DontCareFieldPosition   DontCareFieldPosition defines no-op FieldDelegate.  code | html
EntryPair   This is used for building contracting character tables.  code | html
FieldPosition   FieldPosition is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to identify fields in formatted output.  code | html
FieldPosition.Delegate   An implementation of FieldDelegate that will adjust the begin/end of the FieldPosition if the arguments match the field of the FieldPosition.  code | html
Format.Field   Defines constants that are used as attribute keys in the AttributedCharacterIterator returned from Format.formatToCharacterIterator and as field identifiers in FieldPosition code | html
MergeCollation   Utility class for normalizing and merging patterns for collation.  code | html
MessageFormat   MessageFormat provides a means to produce concatenated messages in a language-neutral way.  code | html
MessageFormat.Field   Defines constants that are used as attribute keys in the AttributedCharacterIterator returned from MessageFormat.formatToCharacterIterator code | html
Normalizer   This class provides the method normalize which transforms Unicode text into an equivalent composed or decomposed form, allowing for easier sorting and searching of text.  code | html
NumberFormat.Field   Defines constants that are used as attribute keys in the AttributedCharacterIterator returned from NumberFormat.formatToCharacterIterator and as field identifiers in FieldPosition code | html
NumberFormat.NumberFormatGetter   Obtains a NumberFormat instance from a NumberFormatProvider implementation.  code | html
ParseException   Signals that an error has been reached unexpectedly while parsing.  code | html
ParsePosition   ParsePosition is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to keep track of the current position during parsing.  code | html
PatternEntry   Utility class for normalizing and merging patterns for collation.  code | html
PatternEntry.Parser     code | html
RBCollationTables   This class contains the static state of a RuleBasedCollator: The various tables that are used by the collation routines.  code | html
RBCollationTables.BuildAPI     code | html
RBTableBuilder   This class contains all the code to parse a RuleBasedCollator pattern and build a RBCollationTables object from it.  code | html

A subclass of BreakIterator whose behavior is specified using a list of rules.

There are two kinds of rules, which are separated by semicolons: substitutions and regular expressions.

A substitution rule defines a name that can be used in place of an expression. 

code | html
RuleBasedBreakIterator.SafeCharIterator     code | html
RuleBasedCollationKey   A RuleBasedCollationKey is a concrete implementation of CollationKey class.  code | html
RuleBasedCollator   The RuleBasedCollator class is a concrete subclass of Collator that provides a simple, data-driven, table collator.  code | html
SimpleDateFormat   SimpleDateFormat is a concrete class for formatting and parsing dates in a locale-sensitive manner.  code | html
StringCharacterIterator   StringCharacterIterator implements the CharacterIterator protocol for a String code | html