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public interface: AccessibleExtendedComponent [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    AccessibleJLabel, AccessibleAbstractButton, AccessibleJComponent

The AccessibleExtendedComponent interface should be supported by any object that is rendered on the screen. This interface provides the standard mechanism for an assistive technology to determine the extended graphical representation of an object. Applications can determine if an object supports the AccessibleExtendedComponent interface by first obtaining its AccessibleContext and then calling the AccessibleContext#getAccessibleComponent method. If the return value is not null and the type of the return value is AccessibleExtendedComponent, the object supports this interface.
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleExtendedComponent Summary:
getAccessibleKeyBinding,   getTitledBorderText,   getToolTipText
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleExtendedComponent Detail:
 public AccessibleKeyBinding getAccessibleKeyBinding()
    Returns key bindings associated with this object
 public String getTitledBorderText()
    Returns the titled border text
 public String getToolTipText()
    Returns the tool tip text