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public class: AccessibleRelationSet [javadoc | source]
Class AccessibleRelationSet determines a component's relation set. The relation set of a component is a set of AccessibleRelation objects that describe the component's relationships with other components.
Field Summary
protected  Vector<AccessibleRelation> relations    Each entry in the Vector represents an AccessibleRelation. 
 public AccessibleRelationSet() 
 public AccessibleRelationSet(AccessibleRelation[] relations) 
    Creates a new relation with the initial set of relations contained in the array of relations passed in. Duplicate entries are ignored.
    relations - an array of AccessibleRelation describing the relation set.
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Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleRelationSet Detail:
 public boolean add(AccessibleRelation relation) 
    Adds a new relation to the current relation set. If the relation is already in the relation set, the target(s) of the specified relation is merged with the target(s) of the existing relation. Otherwise, the new relation is added to the relation set.
 public  void addAll(AccessibleRelation[] relations) 
    Adds all of the relations to the existing relation set. Duplicate entries are ignored.
 public  void clear() 
    Removes all the relations from the current relation set.
 public boolean contains(String key) 
    Returns whether the relation set contains a relation that matches the specified key.
 public AccessibleRelation get(String key) 
    Returns the relation that matches the specified key.
 public boolean remove(AccessibleRelation relation) 
    Removes a relation from the current relation set. If the relation is not in the set, the relation set will be unchanged and the return value will be false. If the relation is in the relation set, it will be removed from the set and the return value will be true.
 public int size() 
    Returns the number of relations in the relation set.
 public AccessibleRelation[] toArray() 
    Returns the current relation set as an array of AccessibleRelation
 public String toString() 
    Creates a localized String representing all the relations in the set using the default locale.