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public interface: AccessibleSelection [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    AccessibleJTabbedPane, AccessibleJTreeNode, AccessibleJTable, AccessibleJTree, AccessibleJList, AccessibleAWTMenuComponent, AccessibleJMenuBar, AccessibleAWTList, AccessibleJMenu, AccessibleJComboBox

This AccessibleSelection interface provides the standard mechanism for an assistive technology to determine what the current selected children are, as well as modify the selection set. Any object that has children that can be selected should support the AccessibleSelection interface. Applications can determine if an object supports the AccessibleSelection interface by first obtaining its AccessibleContext (see Accessible ) and then calling the AccessibleContext#getAccessibleSelection method. If the return value is not null, the object supports this interface.
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleSelection Summary:
addAccessibleSelection,   clearAccessibleSelection,   getAccessibleSelection,   getAccessibleSelectionCount,   isAccessibleChildSelected,   removeAccessibleSelection,   selectAllAccessibleSelection
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleSelection Detail:
 public  void addAccessibleSelection(int i)
    Adds the specified Accessible child of the object to the object's selection. If the object supports multiple selections, the specified child is added to any existing selection, otherwise it replaces any existing selection in the object. If the specified child is already selected, this method has no effect.
 public  void clearAccessibleSelection()
    Clears the selection in the object, so that no children in the object are selected.
 public Accessible getAccessibleSelection(int i)
    Returns an Accessible representing the specified selected child of the object. If there isn't a selection, or there are fewer children selected than the integer passed in, the return value will be null.

    Note that the index represents the i-th selected child, which is different from the i-th child.

 public int getAccessibleSelectionCount()
    Returns the number of Accessible children currently selected. If no children are selected, the return value will be 0.
 public boolean isAccessibleChildSelected(int i)
    Determines if the current child of this object is selected.
 public  void removeAccessibleSelection(int i)
    Removes the specified child of the object from the object's selection. If the specified item isn't currently selected, this method has no effect.
 public  void selectAllAccessibleSelection()
    Causes every child of the object to be selected if the object supports multiple selections.