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public interface: AccessibleTableModelChange [javadoc | source]

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The AccessibleTableModelChange interface describes a change to the table model. The attributes of the model change can be obtained by the following methods: The model change type returned by getType() will be one of: The affected area of the table can be determined by the other four methods which specify ranges of rows and columns
Field Summary
public static final  int INSERT    Identifies the insertion of new rows and/or columns. 
public static final  int UPDATE    Identifies a change to existing data. 
public static final  int DELETE    Identifies the deletion of rows and/or columns. 
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleTableModelChange Summary:
getFirstColumn,   getFirstRow,   getLastColumn,   getLastRow,   getType
Method from javax.accessibility.AccessibleTableModelChange Detail:
 public int getFirstColumn()
    Returns the first column that changed.
 public int getFirstRow()
    Returns the first row that changed.
 public int getLastColumn()
    Returns the last column that changed.
 public int getLastRow()
    Returns the last row that changed.
 public int getType()
    Returns the type of event