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The URLDataSource class provides an object that wraps a URL object in a DataSource interface. URLDataSource simplifies the handling of data described by URLs within the JavaBeans Activation Framework because this class can be used to create new DataHandlers. NOTE: The DataHandler object creates a URLDataSource internally, when it is constructed with a URL.
 public URLDataSource(URL url) 
    URLDataSource constructor. The URLDataSource class will not open a connection to the URL until a method requiring it to do so is called.
    url - The URL to be encapsulated in this object.
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getContentType,   getInputStream,   getName,   getOutputStream,   getURL
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Method from javax.activation.URLDataSource Detail:
 public String getContentType() 
    Returns the value of the URL content-type header field. It calls the URL's URLConnection.getContentType method after retrieving a URLConnection object. Note: this method attempts to call the openConnection method on the URL. If this method fails, or if a content type is not returned from the URLConnection, getContentType returns "application/octet-stream" as the content type.
 public InputStream getInputStream() throws IOException 
    The getInputStream method from the URL. Calls the openStream method on the URL.
 public String getName() 
    Calls the getFile method on the URL used to instantiate the object.
 public OutputStream getOutputStream() throws IOException 
    The getOutputStream method from the URL. First an attempt is made to get the URLConnection object for the URL. If that succeeds, the getOutputStream method on the URLConnection is returned.
 public URL getURL() 
    Return the URL used to create this DataSource.