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final class: CryptoPolicyParser [javadoc | source]
JCE has two pairs of jurisdiction policy files: one represents U.S. export laws, and the other represents the local laws of the country where the JCE will be used. The jurisdiction policy file has the same syntax as JDK policy files except that JCE has new permission classes called javax.crypto.CryptoPermission and javax.crypto.CryptoAllPermission. The format of a permission entry in the jurisdiction policy file is: permission [, [[, ][, [, , ]]]];
Nested Class Summary:
static final class  CryptoPolicyParser.ParsingException   
Method from javax.crypto.CryptoPolicyParser Summary:
getPermissions,   read
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Method from javax.crypto.CryptoPolicyParser Detail:
 CryptoPermission[] getPermissions() 
  void read(Reader policy) throws ParsingException, IOException 
    Reads a policy configuration using a Reader object.