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public interface: EJBLocalHome [javadoc | source]

The EJBLocalHome interface must be extended by all enterprise Beans' local home interfaces. An enterprise Bean's local home interface defines the methods that allow local clients to create, find, and remove EJB objects, as well as home business methods that are not specific to a bean instance (session Beans do not have finders and home business methods).

The local home interface is defined by the enterprise Bean provider and implemented by the enterprise Bean container.

Method from javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome Summary:
Method from javax.ejb.EJBLocalHome Detail:
 public  void remove(Object primaryKey) throws RemoveException, EJBException

    Remove an EJB object identified by its primary key.

    This method can only be used by local clients of an entity bean. An attempt to call this method on a session bean will result in an EJBException.