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public interface: DDBean [javadoc | source]

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A fragment of a standard deployment descriptor.
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.DDBean Summary:
addXpathListener,   getAttributeNames,   getAttributeValue,   getChildBean,   getId,   getRoot,   getText,   getText,   getXpath,   removeXpathListener
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.DDBean Detail:
 public  void addXpathListener(String xpath,
    XpathListener xpl)
    Register a listener for a given xpath
 public String[] getAttributeNames()
    Returns the list of attributes associated with this element
 public String getAttributeValue(String attrName)
    Get the value for a given attribute
 public DDBean[] getChildBean(String xpath)
    Get the child elements with the specified xpath
 public String getId()
    Returns the tool specific attribute ID
 public DDBeanRoot getRoot()
    Get the root element
 public String getText()
    Returns the XML text for this bean
 public String[] getText(String xpath)
    Get the text for the given xpath
 public String getXpath()
    Returns the original xpath string provided by the DConfigBean
 public  void removeXpathListener(String xpath,
    XpathListener xpl)
    Unregister a listener for a given xpath