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public interface: DDBeanRoot [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

The root of a DDBean tree (a standard deployment descriptor)
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.DDBeanRoot Summary:
getDDBeanRootVersion,   getDeployableObject,   getFilename,   getModuleDTDVersion,   getType,   getXpath
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.DDBeanRoot Detail:
 public String getDDBeanRootVersion()
    Return the version number of the j2ee xml document
 public DeployableObject getDeployableObject()
    Get the deployable object for this descriptor
 public String getFilename()
    Returns the filename relative to the root of the module this XML instance document.
 public String getModuleDTDVersion()Deprecated! use -  getDDBeanRootVersion

    A convenience method for information on the deployable object
 public ModuleType getType()
    Return the module type of this descriptor
 public String getXpath()
    Returns the xpath, the root path is "/"