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public interface: DeployableObject [javadoc | source]

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A representation of a deployment module. It provides access to the deployment descriptor and class files.
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.DeployableObject Summary:
entries,   getChildBean,   getClassFromScope,   getDDBeanRoot,   getDDBeanRoot,   getEntry,   getModuleDTDVersion,   getText,   getType
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.DeployableObject Detail:
 public Enumeration entries()
    Returns an enumeration of file names (as strings) for each file relative to the root of the module
 public DDBean[] getChildBean(String xpath)
    Get the child elements with the specified xpath
 public Class getClassFromScope(String className)
    Retrieves the specified class from the deployment module
 public DDBeanRoot getDDBeanRoot()
    Get the top level element of the deployment descriptor
 public DDBeanRoot getDDBeanRoot(String filename) throws FileNotFoundException, DDBeanCreateException
    Returns a DDBeanRoot for the xml document. This method should be used to return DDBeanRoot for non deployment descriptor xml documents such as WSDL files
 public InputStream getEntry(String name)
    Get an input stream to the module entry.
 public String getModuleDTDVersion()Deprecated! use -  DDBeanRoot.getDDBeanRootVersion

    Get the dtd version
 public String[] getText(String xpath)
    Get the text for the given xpath
 public ModuleType getType()
    Get the module type of this deployment module