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public class: StateType [javadoc | source]
An enumeration of deployment states.
Field Summary
public static final  StateType RUNNING    The state type for an RUNNING 
public static final  StateType COMPLETED    The state type for an COMPLETED 
public static final  StateType FAILED    The state type for an FAILED 
public static final  StateType RELEASED    The state type for an RELEASED 
 protected StateType(int value) 
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.shared.StateType Summary:
getEnumValueTable,   getOffset,   getStateType,   getStringTable,   getValue,   toString
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Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.shared.StateType Detail:
 protected StateType[] getEnumValueTable() 
    Get the enumerated values for module type
 protected int getOffset() 
    Return the offset of the first element
 public static StateType getStateType(int type) 
    Get the state type for an integer
 protected String[] getStringTable() 
    Get the string table for class command type [todo] check this?
 public int getValue() 
    Get the value
 public String toString()