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public interface: DeploymentConfiguration [javadoc | source] A container for server specific configuration for a top level deployment.
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.DeploymentConfiguration Summary:
getDConfigBeanRoot,   getDeployableObject,   removeDConfigBean,   restore,   restoreDConfigBean,   save,   saveDConfigBean
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.DeploymentConfiguration Detail:
 public DConfigBeanRoot getDConfigBeanRoot(DDBeanRoot bean) throws ConfigurationException
    Return the top level configuration for a deployment descriptor
 public DeployableObject getDeployableObject()
    Return an object that provides access to the deployment descriptor
 public  void removeDConfigBean(DConfigBeanRoot bean) throws BeanNotFoundException
    Remove a root configuration and all its children
 public  void restore(InputStream input) throws ConfigurationException
    Restores a full set of configuration beans
 public DConfigBeanRoot restoreDConfigBean(InputStream input,
    DDBeanRoot bean) throws ConfigurationException
    Restore a configuration from an input stream
 public  void save(OutputStream output) throws ConfigurationException
    Saves the fulls set of configuration beans
 public  void saveDConfigBean(OutputStream output,
    DConfigBeanRoot bean) throws ConfigurationException
    Save a configuration to an output stream