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abstract public class: ApplicationFactory [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

ApplicationFactory is a factory object that creates (if needed) and returns Application instances. Implementations of JavaServer Faces must provide at least a default implementation of Application .

There must be one ApplicationFactory instance per web application that is utilizing JavaServer Faces. This instance can be acquired, in a portable manner, by calling:

  ApplicationFactory factory = (ApplicationFactory)
Method from javax.faces.application.ApplicationFactory Summary:
getApplication,   getWrapped,   setApplication
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Method from javax.faces.application.ApplicationFactory Detail:
 abstract public Application getApplication()

    Create (if needed) and return an Application instance for this web application.

 public ApplicationFactory getWrapped() 

    If this factory has been decorated, the implementation doing the decorating may override this method to provide access to the implementation being wrapped. A default implementation is provided that returns null.

 abstract public  void setApplication(Application application)

    Replace the Application instance that will be returned for this web application.