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public interface: PartialStateHolder [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Components that want to leverage the partial state saving feature must implement this interface instead of implementing StateHolder , from which this interface inherits.

Method from javax.faces.component.PartialStateHolder Summary:
clearInitialState,   initialStateMarked,   markInitialState
Method from javax.faces.component.PartialStateHolder Detail:
 public  void clearInitialState()

    Reset the PartialStateHolder to a non-delta tracking state.

 public boolean initialStateMarked()

    Return true if delta state changes are being tracked, otherwise false

 public  void markInitialState()

    The runtime must ensure that the #markInitialState method is called on each instance of this interface in the view at the appropriate time to indicate the component is in its initial state. The implementor of the interface must ensure that #initialStateMarked returns true from the time markInitialState() is called until #clearInitialState is called, after which time initialStateMarked() must return false. Also, during the time that the instance returns true from initialStateMarked(), the implementation must return only the state that has changed in its implementation of StateHolder#saveState .