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final class: SelectItemsIterator [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Package private class for iterating over the set of SelectItem s for a parent UISelectMany or UISelectOne .

// RELEASE_PENDING (rlubke,driscoll) performanc review
 public SelectItemsIterator(FacesContext ctx,
    UIComponent parent) 

    Construct an iterator instance for the specified parent component.

    ctx - the FacesContext for the current request
    parent - The parent UIComponent whose children will be processed
Method from javax.faces.component.SelectItemsIterator Summary:
hasNext,   next,   remove
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Method from javax.faces.component.SelectItemsIterator Detail:
 public boolean hasNext() 

    Return true if the iteration has more elements.

 public SelectItem next() 

    Return the next element in the iteration.

 public  void remove() 

    Throw UnsupportedOperationException.