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enum class: UIData.PropertyKeys [javadoc | source]
Properties that are tracked by state saving.
Field Summary
 PropertyKeys first   

The first row number (zero-relative) to be displayed.

 PropertyKeys rowIndex   

The zero-relative index of the current row number, or -1 for no current row association.

 PropertyKeys rows   

The number of rows to display, or zero for all remaining rows in the table.

 PropertyKeys saved   

This map contains SavedState instances for each descendant component, keyed by the client identifier of the descendant. Because descendant client identifiers will contain the rowIndex value of the parent, per-row state information is actually preserved.

 PropertyKeys value   

The local value of this UIComponent .

 PropertyKeys var   

The request scope attribute under which the data object for the current row will be exposed when iterating.

 PropertyKeys lastId   

Last id vended by UIData#createUniqueId(javax.faces.context.FacesContext, String) .