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public class: UIForm [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    UniqueIdVendor, NamingContainer, PartialStateHolder, ComponentSystemEventListener, SystemEventListenerHolder

Direct Known Subclasses:

UIForm is a UIComponent that represents an input form to be presented to the user, and whose child components represent (among other things) the input fields to be included when the form is submitted.

By default, the rendererType property must be set to "javax.faces.Form". This value can be changed by calling the setRendererType() method.

Nested Class Summary:
enum class  UIForm.PropertyKeys  Properties that are tracked by state saving. 
Field Summary
public static final  String COMPONENT_TYPE   

The standard component type for this component.

public static final  String COMPONENT_FAMILY   

The standard component family for this component.

Fields inherited from javax.faces.component.UIComponent:
 public UIForm() 
Method from javax.faces.component.UIForm Summary:
createUniqueId,   getContainerClientId,   getFamily,   isPrependId,   isSubmitted,   processDecodes,   processUpdates,   processValidators,   setPrependId,   setSubmitted,   visitTree
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Method from javax.faces.component.UIForm Detail:
 public String createUniqueId(FacesContext context,
    String seed) 
 public String getContainerClientId(FacesContext context) 
 public String getFamily() 
 public boolean isPrependId() 

    The prependId flag.

 public boolean isSubmitted() 

    Returns the current value of the submitted property. The default value is false. See #setSubmitted for details.

 public  void processDecodes(FacesContext context) 

    Override UIComponent#processDecodes to ensure that the form is decoded before its children. This is necessary to allow the submitted property to be correctly set.

 public  void processUpdates(FacesContext context) 
 public  void processValidators(FacesContext context) 
 public  void setPrependId(boolean prependId) 
 public  void setSubmitted(boolean submitted) 

    If this UIForm instance (as opposed to other forms in the page) is experiencing a submit during this request processing lifecycle, this method must be called, with true as the argument, during the UIComponent#decode for this UIForm instance. If this UIForm instance is not experiencing a submit, this method must be called, with false as the argument, during the UIComponent#decode for this UIForm instance.

    The value of a UIForm's submitted property must not be saved as part of its state.

 public boolean visitTree(VisitContext context,
    VisitCallback callback)