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public class: UIParameter [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    PartialStateHolder, ComponentSystemEventListener, SystemEventListenerHolder

UIParameter is a UIComponent that represents an optionally named configuration parameter for a parent component.

Parent components should retrieve the value of a parameter by calling getValue(). In this way, the parameter value can be set directly on the component (via setValue()), or retrieved indirectly via the value binding expression.

In some scenarios, it is necessary to provide a parameter name, in addition to the parameter value that is accessible via the getValue() method. javax.faces.render.Renderer s that support parameter names on their nested UIParameter child components should document their use of this property.

Nested Class Summary:
enum class  UIParameter.PropertyKeys   
Field Summary
public static final  String COMPONENT_TYPE   

The standard component type for this component.

public static final  String COMPONENT_FAMILY   

The standard component family for this component.

Fields inherited from javax.faces.component.UIComponent:
 public UIParameter() 
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getFamily,   getName,   getValue,   isDisable,   setDisable,   setName,   setValue
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Method from javax.faces.component.UIParameter Detail:
 public String getFamily() 
 public String getName() 

    Return the optional parameter name for this parameter.

 public Object getValue() 

    Returns the value property of the UIParameter.

 public boolean isDisable() 

    Return the value of the disable directive for this component. This directive determines whether the parameter value should be disabled by assigning it a null value. If true, the value set on this component is ignored.

 public  void setDisable(boolean disable) 

    Sets the disable property of the UIParameter.

 public  void setName(String name) 

    Set the optional parameter name for this parameter.

 public  void setValue(Object value) 

    Sets the value property of the\ UIParameter.