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public static class: UIViewParameter.Reference [javadoc | source]

Inner class to encapsulate a UIViewParameter instance so that it may be safely referenced regardless of whether or not the current view is the same as the view in which this UIViewParameter resides.

 public Reference(FacesContext context,
    UIViewParameter param,
    int indexInParent,
    String viewIdAtTimeOfConstruction) 

    Construct a reference to a UIViewParameter. This constructor cause the StateHolder#saveState method to be called on argument UIViewParameter.

    context - the FacesContextfor this request
    indexInParent - the index of the UIViewParameter in its parent UIPanel.
    viewIdAtTimeOfConstruction - the viewId of the view in which the UIViewParameter is included. This may not be the same as the viewId from the context argument.
    since: 2.0 -
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Method from javax.faces.component.UIViewParameter$Reference Detail:
 public UIViewParameter getUIViewParameter(FacesContext context) 

    Return the UIViewParameter to which this instance refers. If the current viewId is the same as the viewId passed to our constructor, use the index passed to the constructor to find the actual UIViewParameter instance and return it. Otherwise, call StateHolder#restoreState on the saved state and return the result.