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public interface: ValueHolder [javadoc | source]

ValueHolder is an interface that may be implemented by any concrete UIComponent that wishes to support a local value, as well as access data in the model tier via a value expression, and support conversion between String and the model tier data's native data type.
Method from javax.faces.component.ValueHolder Summary:
getConverter,   getLocalValue,   getValue,   setConverter,   setValue
Method from javax.faces.component.ValueHolder Detail:
 public Converter getConverter()
 public Object getLocalValue()
 public Object getValue()

    Gets the value of this UIComponent . First, consult the local value property of this component. If non-null return it. If null, see if we have a ValueExpression for the value property. If so, return the result of evaluating the property, otherwise return null. Note that because the specification for UIComponent#setValueBinding requires a call through to UIComponent#setValueExpression , legacy tags will continue to work.

 public  void setConverter(Converter converter)
 public  void setValue(Object value)