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abstract public class: VisitContext [javadoc | source]

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A context object that is used to hold state relating to performing a component tree visit.

Component tree visits are initiated by calling UIComponent#visitTree , at which point both a VisitContext and a VisitCallback must be provided.

Field Summary
public static final  Collection<String> ALL_IDS   

This unmodifiable Collection is returned by getIdsToVisit() and getSubtreeIdsToVisit() in cases where all ids should be visited.

To simplify logic for visitTree() implementations, this Collection always returns false for isEmpty. All other methods throw UnsupportedOperationException.

    since: 2.0 -
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createVisitContext,   createVisitContext,   getFacesContext,   getHints,   getIdsToVisit,   getSubtreeIdsToVisit,   invokeVisitCallback
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Method from javax.faces.component.visit.VisitContext Detail:
 public static VisitContext createVisitContext(FacesContext context) 

    Creates a VisitContext instance for use with UIComponent.visitTree() . This method can be used to obtain a VisitContext instance when all components should be visited with the default visit hints.

 public static VisitContext createVisitContext(FacesContext context,
    Collection<String> ids,
    Set<VisitHint> hints) 

    Returns a VisitContext instance that is initialized with the specified ids and hintsfor use with UIComponent#visitTree .

 abstract public FacesContext getFacesContext()

    Returns the FacesContext for the current request.

 abstract public Set<VisitHint> getHints()

    Returns hints that influence the behavior of the tree visit.

    Interested parties, such as UIComponent.visitTree() implementations, may check to see whether a particular hint is present by calling {@code VisitContext.getHints().contains()}, passing in one of the hints defined by VisitHint .

 abstract public Collection<String> getIdsToVisit()

    Returns the ids of the components to visit.

    In the case of a full tree visit, this method returns the ALL_IDS collection. Otherwise, if a partial visit is beign performed, returns a modifiable collection containing the client ids of the components that should be visited.

 abstract public Collection<String> getSubtreeIdsToVisit(UIComponent component)

    Given a javax.faces.component.NamingContainer component, returns the client ids of any components underneath the NamingContainer that should be visited.

    This method is called by NamingContainer visitTree() implementations to determine whether the NamingContainer contains components to be visited. In the case where no such components exist, the NamingContainer can short-circuit the tree visit and avoid descending into child subtrees.

    In addition, iterating components such as UIData may be able to use the returned ids to determine which iterated states (ie. rows) need to be visited. This allows the visit traversal to be contstrained such only those rows that contain visit targets need to be traversed.

 abstract public VisitResult invokeVisitCallback(UIComponent component,
    VisitCallback callback)