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abstract public class: ExceptionHandler [javadoc | source]

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Direct Known Subclasses:
    PreJsf2ExceptionHandler, ExceptionHandlerWrapper

ExceptionHandler is the central point for handling unexpected Exceptions that are thrown during the Faces lifecycle. The ExceptionHandler must not be notified of any Exceptions that occur during application startup or shutdown.

See the specification prose document for the requirements for the default implementation. Exceptions may be passed to the ExceptionHandler in one of two ways:

With either approach, any ExceptionQueuedEvent instances that are published in this way are accessible to the #handle method, which is called at the end of each lifecycle phase, as specified in section JSF.6.2.

Instances of this class are request scoped and are created by virtue of FacesContextFactory#getFacesContext calling ExceptionHandlerFactory#getExceptionHandler .

Method from javax.faces.context.ExceptionHandler Summary:
getHandledExceptionQueuedEvent,   getHandledExceptionQueuedEvents,   getRootCause,   getUnhandledExceptionQueuedEvents,   handle,   isListenerForSource,   processEvent
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Method from javax.faces.context.ExceptionHandler Detail:
 abstract public ExceptionQueuedEvent getHandledExceptionQueuedEvent()

    Return the first ExceptionQueuedEvent handled by this handler.

 abstract public Iterable<ExceptionQueuedEvent> getHandledExceptionQueuedEvents()

    The default implementation must return an Iterable over all ExceptionQueuedEvents that have been handled by the #handle method.

 abstract public Throwable getRootCause(Throwable t)

    Unwrap the argument t until the unwrapping encounters an Object whose getClass() is not equal to FacesException.class or javax.el.ELException.class. If there is no root cause, null is returned.

 abstract public Iterable<ExceptionQueuedEvent> getUnhandledExceptionQueuedEvents()

    Return an Iterable over all ExceptionQueuedEvents that have not yet been handled by the #handle method.

 abstract public  void handle() throws FacesException

    Take action to handle the Exception instances residing inside the ExceptionQueuedEvent instances that have been queued by calls to Application().publishEvent(ExceptionQueuedEvent.class, eventContext). The requirements of the default implementation are detailed in section JSF.6.2.1.

 abstract public boolean isListenerForSource(Object source)
 abstract public  void processEvent(SystemEvent exceptionQueuedEvent) throws AbortProcessingException