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abstract public class: FacesEvent [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    WrapperEvent, ActionEvent, AjaxBehaviorEvent, BehaviorEvent, ValueChangeEvent

FacesEvent is the base class for user interface and application events that can be fired by UIComponent s. Concrete event classes must subclass FacesEvent in order to be supported by the request processing lifecycle.

Fields inherited from java.util.EventObject:
 public FacesEvent(UIComponent component) 

    Construct a new event object from the specified source component.

    component - Source UIComponent for this event
    IllegalArgumentException - if component is null
Method from javax.faces.event.FacesEvent Summary:
getComponent,   getPhaseId,   isAppropriateListener,   processListener,   queue,   setPhaseId
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getSource,   toString
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Method from javax.faces.event.FacesEvent Detail:
 public UIComponent getComponent() 
 public PhaseId getPhaseId() 

    Return the identifier of the request processing phase during which this event should be delivered. Legal values are the singleton instances defined by the PhaseId class, including PhaseId.ANY_PHASE, which is the default value.

 abstract public boolean isAppropriateListener(FacesListener listener)

    Return true if this FacesListener is an instance of a listener class that this event supports. Typically, this will be accomplished by an "instanceof" check on the listener class.

 abstract public  void processListener(FacesListener listener)

    Broadcast this FacesEvent to the specified FacesListener , by whatever mechanism is appropriate. Typically, this will be accomplished by calling an event processing method, and passing this FacesEvent as a paramter.

 public  void queue() 

    Convenience method to queue this event for broadcast at the end of the current request processing lifecycle phase.

 public  void setPhaseId(PhaseId phaseId) 

    Set the PhaseId during which this event will be delivered.