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public interface: SystemEventListenerHolder [javadoc | source]

Classes that implement this interface agree to maintain a list of SystemEventListener instances for each kind of SystemEvent they can generate. This interface enables arbitrary Objects to act as the source for SystemEvent instances.

If the implementing class is a javax.faces.component.UIComponent or is referenced by a UIComponent, care must be taken to ensure that the implementing class, and all the members of the list returned by #getListenersForEventClass work correctly with the state management system. One way to ensure this is to have the class and the list members implement javax.faces.component.StateHolder or java.io.Serializable .

Method from javax.faces.event.SystemEventListenerHolder Summary:
Method from javax.faces.event.SystemEventListenerHolder Detail:
 public List<SystemEventListener> getListenersForEventClass(Class<SystemEvent> facesEventClass)

    Return a List of SystemEventListener instances that have been installed into the class implementing this interface.