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public class: ArrayDataModel [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

ArrayDataModel is a convenience implementation of DataModel that wraps an array of Java objects.

 public ArrayDataModel() 
 public ArrayDataModel(E[] array) 
    array - Array to be wrapped (if any)
Method from javax.faces.model.ArrayDataModel Summary:
getRowCount,   getRowData,   getRowIndex,   getWrappedData,   isRowAvailable,   setRowIndex,   setWrappedData
Methods from javax.faces.model.DataModel:
addDataModelListener,   getDataModelListeners,   getRowCount,   getRowData,   getRowIndex,   getWrappedData,   isRowAvailable,   iterator,   removeDataModelListener,   setRowIndex,   setWrappedData
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Method from javax.faces.model.ArrayDataModel Detail:
 public int getRowCount() 

    If there is wrappedData available, return the length of the array. If no wrappedData is available, return -1.

 public E getRowData() 

    If row data is available, return the array element at the index specified by rowIndex. If no wrapped data is available, return null.

 public int getRowIndex() 
 public Object getWrappedData() 
 public boolean isRowAvailable() 

    Return true if there is wrappedData available, and the current value of rowIndex is greater than or equal to zero, and less than the length of the array. Otherwise, return false.

 public  void setRowIndex(int rowIndex) 
 public  void setWrappedData(Object data)